Ganapathi Bhat, a farmer from Mangaluru, innovated an easy-to-use ’tree scooter’ to harvest areca palms.

1. Tree scooter revolution

The machine works with a harness, seat, and seat belt, and operates using a small motor and a set of wheels to help tree climbers grasp the trunk without using their hands.

Haresh Thacker’s organic farm in Kutch blooms with fruit orchards of dragon fruit, mangoes, pomegranates and several hundred vegetables. The produce is sold under the name Ashapura Agro Fruits.

2. Desert farming innovation

Haresh found innovative ways to grow fruits and vegetables hitherto unheard of in the farms of Kutch by using an automated drip irrigation system.

Mahan Chandra Borah, a rice farmer, runs ‘Annapurna Rice Library’ to protect the vanishing legacy of his forefathers and educate youngsters.

3. Preserving agricultural heritage

The library houses more than 500 varieties of seeds, carefully preserved and cultivated using organic methods. Farmers can visit the library to access these seeds for farming.

Vaibhav Tidke, an engineer, developed a solar dryer using a patented food drying technology to extend the shelf life of produce without adding chemicals and preservatives.

4. Sustainable post-harvest preservation

Not only for fruits and vegetables, this dryer can also be used for meats, seafoods, and spices. It consumes less energy than regular dryers and refrigeration devices, and keeps carbon footprint to a minimum.

Sumer Singh switched to organic farming eight years ago after his family’s and land’s health deteriorated. He innovated various methods to increase the shelf life of his produce.

5. Shelf life enhancement

He uses stubble for mulching on the land where he grows onions, harvesting 80 quintals from one acre. He hangs the onions in bundles like one hangs bananas instead of storing them in stacks, which restricts spoilage.

Akshay Shrivastav, a chemical engineer, has created a biofertiliser that, according to him, can help increase agricultural productivity by 35 percent, helping over 3,000 farmers across India.

6. Biofertiliser for enhanced yield

The biofertiliser has 60 types of microbes which can enhance nutrients in the soil. He also developed a granule that increases crop yield and reduces irrigation needs by more than 30 percent.

Malesh T from Mandya launched an agri-tech platform ‘CultYvate’ to help farmers understand when to provide irrigation so the crop is not submerged in water all the time.

7. Water-efficient irrigation

He says that he is cutting down 40 percent of water use in farms through his platform and increasing their yield. The technology helps farmers analyse the dynamic climatic conditions and plan their farm cultivation.