During their morning walk, Uma Chandrasekar and Uma Natarajan would engage in conversations about household chores and casually talk about their families on a daily basis.

Little did they know that these morning sessions would give rise to a lucrative business idea.

‘Uma Mamis’, established by the duo, has been distributing a wide range of sweets, snacks, and pickles not only in Chennai but also to customers from Europe, the UK, and even the US.

It all started in 2017 when Chandrasekar’s daughter was getting engaged. She made murruku (traditional fried snack) for the occasion, which became an instant hit among the guests.

This was motivation enough for the duo, and they started selling snacks and sweets right from their kitchen.

“This has happened only via word of mouth. Many of the customers who take our products overseas share it with friends and family there and that leads to more orders for us,” says Chandrasekar.

Now, the duo is always flooded with orders, and the largest order they received was worth Rs 80,000 during Diwali.

“We want to try and cross that Rs 1 lakh mark this year, let’s see,” adds Chandrasekar.

On average, 1 kg of regular sweets and savouries costs Rs 450 and for sweets with almonds and cashew, 1 kg costs Rs 550.