Are you tired of explaining your address to delivery executives every time you receive a parcel?

To save you from everyday hassle, brothers Rajat and Mohit Jain have launched Pataa mobile application, which simplifies complex addresses into custom codes. This enables users to share digital addresses with a single click.

It was during his travels for work that Rajat first identified the problem of unstructured and unnamed addresses in India.

“When you place an order on an e-commerce website, you enter your complete address and it gets extremely irritating for a customer to explain the address to the delivery executive on a daily basis, again and again,” he says.

“It is even difficult to locate addresses when it comes to rural and remote locations where people have to explain it through landmarks like trees or a temple,” he adds.

“While finding addresses, people waste a lot of fuel, many avoid online orders — this is a big loss to the country…We wanted to find a solution to this day-to-day issue,” says Rajat.

With Pataa, users can create a unique and personalised digital code. For instance, like ^Pooja515 and ^Kumar100.

The app allows users to select a 3 x 3-metre block on the digital map to mark the exact doorstep. Users can also record audio in their voice or use text-to-speech for route guidance.

With the help of the application, users can add unique address codes on e-commerce websites instead of writing multiple address lines, city, state, and pincode.

“You just write your Pataa code like ‘xyz 12’ and it will automatically fill the form. The code is automatically filled in your parcels, and the delivery executives can navigate with the integrated system,” says Rajat.

Since its launch in 2021, the brothers have established 3.5 million digital addresses so far. Interestingly, they have a million digital addresses from rural areas.

More than 20 e-commerce companies including ZedBlack, Indian Threads, Simplyy Organics, Bombay Island, and Swiss Bosch are using digital addresses.