Thinking about starting your own business but concerned about the financial aspect? Then know that not all businesses require big investments and costly materials.

Here are five Indian entrepreneurs who are using trash to establish profitable ventures.

Sana Khan: UP’s Sana turned her fascination with earthworms into SJ Organics, a vermicomposting venture which converts waste into enriched compost with the use of earthworms.

Today, her company has an annual turnover of Rs 1 crore a year and provides employment to more than 30 people.

Bharat Bansal: Started by a CA dropout, the Delhi-based social enterprise Nirmalaya recycles 500 tonnes of floral waste annually and converts it into organic incense sticks, cones, and havan cups.

Last year, the brand clocked a revenue of Rs 2.6 crore, and Bharat projects an annual revenue of Rs 20 crore by March 2024.

Kriti Tula: This Delhi-based designer uses factory-discarded clothes to make garments, stationery, and table clothes to sell as a sustainable alternative to high-end fashion.

She has been able to divert over 5,000 kg of fabric from landfills and save 46 million litres of water so far. Launched in 2012, her company Doodlage has grown over 1.5 times in revenue, year-on-year.

Senthil Sankar: Tamil Nadu’s father and son duo K Sankar and Senthil Sankar manufacture jackets, blazers, T-shirts, and bottoms using recycled PET bottles.

Through their company Shree Renga Polymers, they save 15 lakh PET bottles from entering landfills and oceans daily. They get at least 20,000 orders per month and clock an annual revenue of Rs 100 crore.

Binish Desai: This innovator cum social entrepreneur has made P-blocks from the paper industry’s waste. The P-blocks are cost-effective, eco-friendly, fire retardant, and suitable for earthquake-prone regions.

With his company BDream, Binish has built over 1,000 toilets in rural Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Hyderabad, recycling over 400 tonnes of waste from the paper industry.