While Mawlyngbna in Meghalaya was booming with nature and life, only a few knew about its existence.

To open the place to the world, Bisharlang Kharnaior, under the Mawlyngbna Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd, started Mawlyngbna Traveller’s Nest – a homestay that provides insight into the village’s culture.

The homestay offers a plethora of activities, including camping, canoeing, and wildlife treks

“There is so much to see and explore in the area but most people flock to the mainstream hills station. We wanted to do something that attracts tourists and this is how the idea of an adventure camp came up,” he says. The homestay comprises two cottages and a campsite, providing accommodations for the guests.

They arrange two types of treks — short and long treks which let the guests explore the landscapes in the area.

Additionally, the homestay also arranges cave exploration for the guests on request. The homestay also organises village tours and cultural activities like eating authentic food.

“We also want to introduce people to our culture and heritage. We serve authentic Mawlyngbna food to the people at our homestay during their stay,” he informs.