Formed by the encirclement of the Adyar River and one of its tributaries, the Quibble Island also houses one of the largest European cemeteries.

Often described as a ‘Jewel on Goa’s Mandovi river’, this island is home to many villages. One of these, Naroa is famous for the Fort which was abandoned completely in 1834.

Considered to be one of the largest river islands in India, this island has numerous attractions — the Kanakadurga Temple, the Machilipatnam Port, and the Kuchipudi village.

Following Onam, this island bears witness to the famous Kallada boat race, where giant snake boats wade through the emerald waters to reach the finish point.

The tadpole-shaped island in the Bay of Bengal is named so as it is famous for providing a natural haven to sailors against the forces of wind.

The island sees Meghalaya’s longest river, the powerful Kynshi, splitting into the Phanliang and the Namliang rivers, which have resulted in the creation of a pristine river beach.

Be prepared to be greeted by dolphins at this beautiful location 18 km from Satapada. The island is also home to crabs, and you can make a day out of watching them scuttle by.

Once famous for trading salt and seafood, the place still stands as one of the most beautiful islands in Udupi.