Your kitchen waste need not be useless. Converting it into compost could be a great way to minimise this waste and help your garden flourish. And with these kits, composting will be a non-messy affair.

1. Organic Composter

The product can convert 70 per cent of the total kitchen waste into manure and is ideal for a family of three.

2. Portable Twin Drum Composter

The product has a dual vantage, as it solves the problem of moving the compost pit around and the UV resistant and thermo-control polyethene drums occupy less space.

3. Home Terracotta Composter

Equipped with a terracotta container with a lid, a compost maker, microbes, a metal rake and nitrile gloves, this is very conducive as the compost maker ensures you do not get your hands dirty.

4. Bucket Indoor Composter

A drainer is placed below the bucket so that extra wastewater remains in the lower part. This can be then drained out through the tap attached to its bottom and used as a fertiliser.

5. Indoor Compost Bin Kit

Unlike other composters, this model comes with three tiers. Thus, as the compost from the first tier is coming to an end, the compost from the other tiers is ready. This ensures that you have compost available throughout the year.

6. Home Composter Set

The product contains a pair of reusable gloves and a stirrer along with an odour removal liquid that reduces the foul smell.

7. Compost Bin

The kit includes three bins with a 20 lt capacity, three drainers, a pair of rubber gloves, three stands, 3 kg microbes, three taps, camphor tablets and four curing bags.

8. Organic Waste Composting Bin

With the ability to store up to 30 lt of fertiliser, this kit has the compost ready within 30 days after being filled.

9. Home Composter

The set comes with two 35 lt bins with stands and an accelerator made of sawdust and 2 kg microbes.

10. Indoor Composter Starter Kit

The 14 lt bin can be used on a trial basis in a small household with two or three members. The compost will be ready within four to six weeks.