Come rain or shine, delivery agents have come to be synonymous with reliability. But beyond the harrowing work conditions and targets, the people have proven to be tiny changemakers.

Here are five times delivery agents won the internet with their commendable kindness.

1. Braving the traffic in a wheelchair

A Zomato delivery agent in a motorised wheelchair is capturing the attention of netizens. He is seen in a video with a bag of food attached to the back of the wheelchair.

Pic credits: Instagram: @grooming_bulls_

Though the agent has not been identified, the Instagram video has gone viral with 1.16 lakh likes.

2. Amazon delivery agent saves the day

When a 12-year-old school girl was playing outside the gate of a Municipal School in Maharashtra, a metal portion of the gate pierced the girl’s cheek.

An Amazon delivery executive’s quick thinking saved her from further discomfort. Ravi Bhandari held onto the gate for a good 30 minutes until the doctor arrived.

3. A heroic rescue

Retired Colonel Man Mohan Malik was being driven to the hospital by his son in December in Mumbai when they got stuck in heavy traffic.

His son pleaded with many two-wheelers to give them a lift to the hospital. Though they refused, Mrunal Kirdat, a Swiggy food delivery executive obliged. The Colonel went on to call him a ‘saviour’.

4. Kindness knows no bounds

Mumbai-based Akshita Changan was with her brother when her bike ran out of gas at 12.15 am. They spotted a Swiggy food delivery agent nearby and told him about the problem.

What he did next baffled them. Emptying his own bottle of water, he took some petrol from his tank and gave it to them.

5. Humanity at its best

Purshottam D, a Mumbai resident was travelling by bus to Pune, when he realised he had been pickpocketed. With no cash to pay for a ride, he knew his only option was to walk the 12 km distance to his destination.

He began the long walk and was soon spotted by Dyaneshwar Bombade, an Uber Eats delivery boy. He assured Purshottam that he would drop him at the nearest stop to his destination and he did.