A digital travel company discovered that 91 percent of Indian travellers want to travel more sustainably.

Helping people embrace sustainability in every aspect of life, including travel, is Mrudula Joshi — a lifestyle consultant and sustainability influencer from Bengaluru.

On her Instagram page ‘Ullisu’, which translates to ‘save’, she shares tips, workshops, advice, and her own experiences about living a zero-waste lifestyle.

Through her zero-waste online store, she also shares free resources like the package-free map, which highlights stores that sell items package-free.

Want to know how to travel responsibly without compromising on comfort and fun? Here are three tips from Mrudula:

1. Bring a water bottle, soap, and toiletries from home when staying at a hotel. If you forget soap, request a spoonful of besan from the hotel, mix it with water, and use it for bathing.

2. Opt for low-carbon travel by choosing trains over flights. Also, carry your own food and water, and remember to refuse disposables.

3. Have a zero-waste period during a trip by using a menstrual cup or other eco-friendly products that don’t end up in landfills.