In 2020, friends Tusshar Aggarwal, Meet Patel, and Vivek Shukla started Rise Hydroponics to provide soil-less, hydroponics farming solutions.

In hydroponics farming, crops are grown without soil by using water-based mineral nutrient solutions.

Tusshar says, “This system is efficient in terms of water saving. Compared to traditional farming methods, it saves upwards of 80% of water.”

Also, “It uses 85% less land, raises the production rate by 30-70% and yields by 20-60% depending on the crop”, he adds.

With this method, the startup grows 50 types of crops including coloured capsicum, turmeric with high curcumin content, ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), and basil.

The products are used by manufacturers of nutraceuticals, pharma companies, and ayurvedic companies as raw materials.

The Ahmedabad-based agri-tech startup also helps individuals to get into the hydroponics business and build an entire farm.

“We have completed over 40 commercial large projects in 27 different cities and developed over 25 lakh sq ft of hydroponics and soil-less farms,” says Tusshar.

He adds that last financial year, their annual revenue stood at Rs 5 crore and they are expecting it to cross Rs 8 crore this year.