When Kshama and Madhavi, two sisters from Uttar Pradesh failed the UPSC CSE exams in 2012, they were dejected.

Picture credits: Twitter: @dp_satish

Their brother Yogesh, a software engineer decided to appear for UPSC himself so he could guide his sisters through experience.

He quit his job in 2013 and following a year of religious study, cleared the exam in his first attempt.

He then shared his notes with his siblings and coached them.

In 2015, Madhavi cleared the exam and became an IAS officer. The following year, both Kshama and Lokesh cleared the exam and are now IPS and IAS officers, respectively.

Yogesh says what helped him was accessing all possible papers, preparing his notes and sharing these with his siblings.

Today, the siblings have set up a coaching centre called Glory IAS, where they guide aspirants.

Yogesh, who is leading the initiative, says he has helped more than 100 people clear their UPSC exams in the past 7-8 years. They offer personal one-to-one guidance.

He aims to create more IAS and IPS officers from small towns and villages, like theirs.