Two doctor friends, Dr Dhruv Joshi and Dr Dileep Raman were in the United States doing their Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic.

With the medical cases they were seeing, they began chatting about the scope of critical care.

These conversations soon highlighted a pertinent issue — the majority of ICU patients do not get the critical care that they need.

“We saw an opportunity to create an impact on a larger level back in India and so moved back home towards the end of 2015,” says Dr Dhruv.

In the months that followed, they both began travelling through the country’s hospitals to get a sense of the ground reality.

They were shocked to see that many patients did not get access to medical care.

In 2017, they launched their platform Cloudphysician in Bengaluru. They say the healthcare technology company is meant to provide ICU expertise to hospitals.

Their ‘Smart ICU in a box’ concept aims to simplify the work for bedside caregivers, especially in hospitals where there are no ICU specialists.

“The command centre at Cloudphysician is connected to the hospital ICU where we partner,” explains Dr Dhruv.

“Patients who are in this hospital ICU are monitored 24/7 by a trained critical care team at Cloudphysician.”

This monitoring includes keeping track of the patient’s vitals, detecting complications, and having doctors on site alerted in time if there is something amiss with the vitals.

To date, the virtual healthcare platform has helped over 40,000 patients across 70 hospitals in 17 states of India, says Dr Dhruv.