1. Thindi Beedi, Bengaluru It was only 55 years ago that Thindi Beedi started to emerge as a food street with 2–3 shops. Today, with over 30 pushcarts, it is Bengaluru's only food street that serves everything that’s non-meat.

From authentic podi dosa and quirky chocolate pani puri to Chinese delicacies and nitrogen ice creams, you get everything here.

2. Carter Road Khau Galli, Mumbai This sought-after destination is famous for an assortment of fries and shahi desserts too. While here, do try the paratha and lassi from Lassi Te Parrontthe and whole meat shawarma from Carter’s Blue.

3. Piplod Night Bazaar, Surat While one side of Piplod is covered with expensive malls and multiplexes, the night bazaar welcomes you with wide food options for a lower budget.

If you’re an adventurous foodie, try the SMC Night Bazaar Food Court which serves ‘Godfather’ pizza.

4. Sowcarpet, Chennai Known to be one of the busiest areas of Chennai, Marwari traders from Rajasthan were the first to arrive here to do business. Today, it is a mix of locals and migrants from all parts of the country.

Do not miss the murukku sandwich at S Chinnappa Sandwich Centre, and the coin-sized idlis and crisp onion uthappams from Seena Bhai Tiffin Centre.

5. Sarafa Bazar, Indore The bustling night market of Sarafa Bazar is a well-engineered seven-course meal of lip-smacking vegetarian food like poha jalebi, sabudana khichdi, bhutte ki kees, and dal batla.

This jewellery street by day, shuts shops to make way for the food stalls by 8 pm every day. It’s said that 100 years ago, the idea of a food street was initiated by these jewellery owners who thought the noise and crowd of a food street would safeguard their valuables!

6. DLG Night Food Street, Hyderabad The food map of Hyderabad is influenced by several dynasties like the Qutb Shahis, the Mughals, and the Nizams. So this food street, which is open till 5 am, reflects several cultural identities from across the country.

Here, you will find sheekh kebabs, keema khatta, tandoori chicken, paya, rumali roti, warqi parathas, phirni and more.

7. Chandni Chowk, Delhi Designed by Princess Jahanara Begum, daughter of Shah Jahan, in 1650 CE, Chandni Chowk has around 1,560 shops. The narrow roads are filled with eateries on both sides filling the street with different aromas.

The Kela paratha of Babu Ram Devi Dayal Paranthe Wale, the chole bhature of Lotan Chole Wala, and khurchan mava of Hazari Lal Khurchan Wale are some of the many must-try items.

8. SM Street, Kozhikode The history of the place dates back to the ruling period of the Zamorins when the ruler invited the halwa makers of Gujarat and gave them land to set up stalls outside the palace walls.

The star item here is halwa, available in many flavours and colours. The Englishmen called it sweet meat because of its similarity in texture to meat! Apart from halwa, you can try banana chips, jackfruit chips, achappam, kuzhalappam, murukku, madakku and more here.

9. Mahim Khau Galli, Mumbai This lane comes alive every Ramzan and Eid with its spicy and flavourful food items for a fair price. It is especially known for dishes like seekh kebabs, chicken vada pav, shawarma, and falafel.

Other must-try items include the delectable and rich treats at Baba Falooda, Hussain Khichdawala, Makhdoom Masahab and Garib Nawaz.

10. Tiretta Bazaar, Kolkata Bonding over a cup of cha and muri is part of the culture of Kolkata. Here, every Bengali will agree that food is the common denominator that unites us all.

Also called ‘Old Chinatown’, it is said to be the place where Chinese cuisine was introduced to the country. Apart from fung mei mian, prawn tausi, and fermented bean-lohan cai, it features Chinese dishes that are not widely available in other parts of the country.