1. Bombil Bhujna from Mumbai The bombil bhujna or Bombay duck curry is a marinade of fish with coriander and green chillies and is an ode to the weather around.

2. Parippu Vada from Tamil Nadu What compensates for their fried nature is that these are wholesome as they are made from lentils mixed with onions, ginger and other spices to result in beautiful golden brown fried fritters.

3. Aamat from Chhatisgarh The recipe has been passed down through the ages, with the initial versions being prepared with gondi and kareel now known as bamboo shoots, while the modern version includes chillies, curry leaves, cloves, and spice powders.

4. Singhade ki Sabzi from Delhi Prepared with singhade (water chestnuts), mustard seeds, cumin, turmeric, aamchur (dried mango powder) and besan helps the body prepare its defences against the harsh weather.

5. Ghewar from Rajasthan During the monsoons, this honeycomb-shaped disc-like sweet provides you with the calories required to give the body heat as well as aid in digestion.

6. Yaje from Ladakh It is said that the drink is hallucinogenic and is also known by the name of ‘ayahuasca’ in communities that belong to those areas.

7. Muya Awandru from Tripura While snails are an optional addition, the gravy comprises bamboo shoots, fermented fish and chilli peppers. Tripuris are big believers in using fermented fish also known as ‘berma’ in their dishes as it is extremely healthy due to no oil being used during cooking.

8. Nakham Bitchi from Meghalaya The dish comprises dried fish that is boiled with spices to create a beautiful texture. Vegetables are then added to this mix to create a wholesome blend.

9. Paa Saa from Arunachal Pradesh For some, it is the taste that works its magic while for others it is the green colour lent to the dish by the uriam (bishop wood) leaf, which neutralises the taste of the raw fish.

10. Bhutta from Punjab The smell of roasted corn has an old-world charm. As the generous butter dribbles down the yellow exterior with a dash of lime to add the zing, the monsoons will never seem more magical.