1. Nap Naang This unique and delicious pudding from Nagaland is prepared from glutinous or sticky black rice, which gives it its distinct nutty aftertaste and a deep purple hue.

The creamy dessert is rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates.

2. Parwal Ki Mithai The delectable dessert from Bihar is prepared by filling sweet khoya stuffing inside pointed gourds. It’s the perfect sweet and savoury dessert.

3. Adhirasam Although it looks similar to the modern doughnut, Adhirasams date back to the 16th century to the rule of Vijayanagara emperor Krishnadevaraya.

Simply put, the Tamil Nadu dessert is a pastry made from rice flour, jaggery, butter and pepper.

4. Pootharekulu With origins in the small village of Atreyapuram of Andhra Pradesh, Pootharekulu is a wafer-like sweet.

A rice batter called jaya biyyam is used to prepare the rice paper which is then coated in sugar and ghee and stuffed with dry fruits and jaggery.

5. Elaneer Payasam Made with tender coconut pulp mixed with condensed milk, this quick version of kheer is a brilliant addition to your daily meals.

6. Shorbhaja The sweet gem is currently prepared only in a handful of sweetshops in West Bengal but remains a loved one.

Made with condensed milk, the delicacy is prepared with leftover sandesh that has been deep-fried in oil or ghee.

7. Dehroris These scrumptious dumplings from Chhatisgarh are made of rice and curd, which are then deep-fried in ghee and sweetened with chashni or sugar syrup.

Often served with a glass of buttermilk, this sweet is often advised as a way to regulate body temperature.

8.  Pitha This Assam delight is prepared with a sweet stuffing of jaggery, preferably nolen gur, khus khus or poppy seeds, khoya, sesame seeds and coconut.

It is often prepared in Assam during the Bihu festival.

9. Patoleo The steamed sweet from Goa is cooked by spreading rice paste over a turmeric leaf.

The batter once spread over the leaf is then stuffed with Goan coconut jaggery, freshly grated coconut and cinnamon powder.

10. Madhurjan Thongba This Manipuri speciality is deep-fried gram flour or besan dumplings dropped in a thick base of sweet condensed milk flavoured with bay leaves and cardamom.

One can serve it with a topping of crushed nuts or freshly grated coconut.