Jaskiran Singh recently became the first ‘crorepati’ on Season 15 of Kaun Banega Crorepati, the popular quiz-based reality show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Think you’ve got what it takes to answer those crore-rupee questions? Give it a shot!

1. Question for Rs 1 crore (S15) What was the aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6th Aug 1945, named after? Options- A: A mythical weapon B: A film character C: The pilot's mother D: The place where it was built.

Answer- C: The pilot's mother whose name was Enola Gay.

2. Question for Rs 1 crore (S15) Who was the Viceroy of India when the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi? Options- A: Lord Curzon B: Lord Hardinge C: Lord Minto D: Lord Read Reading.

Answer-  B: Lord Hardinge

3.  Question for Rs 7 crore (S15) According to the Padma Purana, which king had to live as a tiger for a hundred years due to a deer’s curse? Options- A: Kshemadhurit B: Dharmadatta C: Mitadhvaja D: Prabhanjana.

Answer- D: Prabhanjana

4. Question for Rs 7 crore (S14) Gundappa Vishwanath, the first Indian to score a double century on first-class debut, achieved that feat against which team? Options- A: Services B: Andhra C: Maharashtra D: Saurashtra

Answer-  B: Andhra

5. Question for Rs 7 Crore (S13) What was the title of the thesis that Dr B R Ambedkar submitted to the London School of Economics, for which he was awarded his doctorate in 1923? Options- A: The Want And Means Of India B: The Problem Of The Rupee C: National Dividend Of India D: The Law And Lawyers

Answer-  B: The Problem Of The Rupee

6. Question for Rs 7 crore (S12) The historic Indo-Pak talks of 1972 between Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto were held at which place in Shimla? Options- A: Viceregal Lodge B: Gorton Castle C: Barnes Court D: Cecil Hotel.

Answer-  C: Barnes Court

7. Question for Rs 1 crore (KBC Junior) In 1992, who became the first sportsperson to be honoured with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award? Options- A: Vishwanathan Anand B: Sachin Tendulkar C: Geet Sethi D: Leander Paes

Answer-   A: Vishwanathan Anand

8. Question for Rs 7 crore (S11) What was the name of all the three soccer clubs set up with the help of Mahatma Gandhi in the early 20th century at Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg? Options- A: Truth Seekers B: Non-Violents C: Passive Resisters D: Non Co-operators

Answer-  C: Passive Resisters

9. Question for Rs 1 crore (S10) Which case was heard by the largest ever constitution bench of 13 Supreme Court judges? Options- A: Golaknath case B: Ashok Kumar case C: Shah Bano case D: Kesavananda Bharati Case

Answer-  D: Kesavananda Bharati Case

10. Question for Rs 1 crore (S5) What was the only dowry, apart from a few yards of khadi, that Lal Bahadur Shastri accepted in his marriage? Options- A: Bhagavad Gita B: Khadaunm C: Gandhi topi D: Charkha

Answer-  D: Charkha