Aditya Banger is only 17 but he recycles 10 tonnes of plastic waste daily to make fabric.

He came across plastic recycling on a trip to China.

“I came across a unit that was converting large quantities of plastic waste into fabric. It not only reduced waste going into the landfills but also produced good quality material and created employment locally,” says Aditya.

He was in Class 10 when he pitched his startup idea to his family who supported him.

The Bhilwara resident says fabric produced from plastic bottles, wrappers, etc. is stronger than regular cotton.

By January 2021 when the lockdowns were eased, Aditya began sourcing plastic waste from all over the country.

The process….

The plastic is cleaned then chopped into fine flakes and melted to remove toxic chemicals. The melted plastic, also known as the plastic filament when cooled down becomes the fibre.

“The fibre is spun into yarn and mixed along with cotton to make fabric. Currently, the fabric is made by the parent company, and then sold to other companies who will make clothes using the same,” says Aditya.