20 years ago, Udaipur-based Kul Pradeep Singh built a 3-storey house around a mango tree.

With a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and a library, it is just like any other house except that it has become a tourist spot alongside the city's lakes and forts.

Alumni of IIT-Kanpur, Singh refused to cut the 20-feet mango tree to build his new house. To ensure the tree remained healthy, he used cellulose sheets and fibre instead of brick and cement.

The house is about nine feet above the ground and is supported by a tree trunk. Today the length of this tree is more than 40 feet.

“I have tried to make my house according to the size of the tree. When you enter the house, you will see tree branches in the rooms,” he says.

He has not cut a single branch. They are now being used as home furniture.

“Birds and small animals who dwell in the tree are now our family members. To co-exist with other living beings is an absolute pleasure, and we love their company,” he says.

This unique 'Treehouse' of KP Singh has also been included in the Limca Book of Records and is visited by many tourists.