As a student, Sanandan Sudhir first started cooking for himself. He used a microwave oven and stove to cook.

The designer wanted the crunch of microwave-cooked vegetables with the flavour and caramelisation from the stove.

When he searched for a product that combined the uses of both microwave and stove/induction, he couldn’t find any.

Over the next two decades, this entrepreneur worked on developing such a product, with several roadblocks on the way.

‘On2Cook’ works on the combination-cooking technology with induction or flame acting on the food from outside and microwaves from inside.

“There is an induction/flame in the bottom and microwave through the lid. So while your masalas will cook on the bottom, you can add the vegetables/chicken on top. This reduces your time and gives the best of both worlds,” says Sanandan.

He says that one can cook rice or chicken in seven minutes, bake a cake in four minutes, and a pizza in four minutes.

“The product can save 70 percent time and 50 percent energy. The cooked food retains water-soluble nutrients while preserving colour, texture and consistency,” he adds.

His journey wasn’t always smooth and he faced issues while developing the prototype, along with a lack of belief by others, and finances.

But the 52-year-old refused to let go of his dream. He invested almost Rs 4.5 crore of his own money.

He quit his job and launched his own company ‘Invent India’ in 2011, where he helped others develop their products.

After 10 years and 14 prototypes, the final product was ready. He secured seed funding of Rs 17 crore at a Rs 100 crore valuation.