Induben Sumanlal Jhaveri’s name is synonymous with India’s loved snack — khakhra, a dried and roasted version of the papad.

Ankit Jhaveri, the third-generation owner of the business and Induben’s grandson, says that his grandmother never envisioned that her initiative would be such a success.

Induben started this business to support her family. She would prepare khakras traditionally with a handful of flavours like methi (fenugreek) and jeera (cumin).

Today, however, one can choose from over 100 flavours like jalapeno cheese, pav bhaji, pani puri, and more.

It all started when Induben’s husband’s health was failing, and someone had to step up to run the household and care for their children.

Known for her exceptional culinary skills, Induben worked hard to run the business and support her family from 1965 until 1981, when she passed away at the age of 53.

Through the years, the entrepreneur overcame every hurdle with consistent quality and provided value for money.

Ankit marvels at his grandmother’s entrepreneurial spirit, and recalls how she had taken a loan to be able to buy a scooter for his father [Hiren] so he could carry out deliveries across the city.

He adds, “At a time when women were mostly confined to performing household chores, she most certainly paved the way for herself and others who had the desire to make a difference.”

Today Induben Khakhrawala has over 18 stores across India and exports its products to over eight countries.