Hartek Solar Private Limited’s customised ‘plug-and-play’ residential rooftop solar kits are potential game-changers in the energy sector.

The brainchild of Simarpreet Singh from Chandigarh, he wants to provide clean and affordable energy solutions across India.

These kits have enabled consumers to generate their own sustainable, clean and affordable power and reduce their electricity bills to zero.

Besides minimal maintenance cost, customers can monitor the energy generated through these rooftop solar kits using remote sensing technology supported by an in-house app.

Simarpreet’s decision to foray into the solar energy sector was inspired by former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s speech in 2011.

“Dr APJ Abdul Kalam said that every household must generate their own sustainable electricity and clean water,” Simarpreet tells The Better India.

His goal was to free every consumer from the electricity grid and prevent electricity corporations from deciding their fate.

What differentiates these kits are the fact that they are customisable, like an Ikea piece, which you can design as per your requirements.

“An engineer comes to your house and customises the rooftop solar power installation based on your needs. For example, if you have a budget of installing 2 or 3 kWp, we will design it accordingly. We don’t push for installing a standard 10 kWp setup,” he said.

As a business, Hartek Solar is an aggregator and they don’t manufacture the equipment. Their core expertise lies in supply chain management, construction and engineering.

Once a customer places an inquiry, a surveyor visits their house. Based on the survey, Hartek designs a rooftop solar power system and designs it within 24 hours. Image Courtesy Hartek

For residential places, a 1 kWp system would cost somewhere around Rs 50-55,000 while a 5 kWp would cost Rs 2.5 lakhs, he claims.

For some of their consumers, electricity bills have started falling in the negative. Others have spoken of how their bills have fallen to zero within three months of installing the rooftop solar kit.

“We have households which run entirely on solar energy. They’re generating their own electricity and it’s like installing a power plant in their own home,” he says.