This is a tale of four brothers, Dinesh, Jagdish, Bhupat & Sanjeev who migrated to the city of Amreli, Gujarat, for a better lifestyle & ended up establishing the famous brand of Sheetal Ice Creams.

They had modest beginnings with a 5x5 foot kiosk to sell paan near a bus stop.

Their business acumen nudged them towards selling ice creams to earn high profits during annual Janmashtami festivals that led to a high influx of pilgrims & tourists.

The strategy worked & ice creams became their best selling product.

The profits were channelled into education & scaling their footprint.

The brothers adopted various marketing moves to gain control over the market.

Today, Sheetal Cool Products is a Rs 300-crore empire with over 500 dairy & food products across 30,000 outlets.