Many of us know about female hygiene products, but how much do you know about male intimate hygiene products?

Residents of Ahmedabad, cousin sisters Ananya and Anushree Maloo, created a splash on reality show Shark Tank with their brand Nuutjob.

The 26-year-old founders won a deal of Rs 25 lakh for 20% equity on the show.

The Maloo sisters came up with the idea after they noticed men around them struggling to find a worthy solution to maintain good hygiene.

Lack of awareness coupled with a market gap gave birth to Nuttjob, but it came with its challenges.


With an investment of Rs 5 lakh, they launched the products online. In 2022, post the Shark Tank deal their sales have increased.

Keeping judgemental societal opinions at bay, their male family members were the first ones to try these products.  “In fact, our fathers supported us the most. They were convinced that we are passionate about our business plan and they stood with us throughout,” she adds.

Today, Nuutjob offers three products — an intimate wash, a deodoriser, and an intimate moisturiser for men.

“The products work towards anti-chafing, preventing irritation due to sweating, preventing bad odour and itching, and helping maintain a good pH balance,” adds Ananya.