Here are five senior citizens who are travelling the world after 60:

1. Mala Honnatti, 70

The mountaineer and marathoner has scaled several peaks in her life; many as a senior citizen. The retired banker decided to focus on her physical health in her 30s.

In 2016, she started her own mountain expedition trips under ‘Maho Adventures’. This single woman lives life on her own terms and asserts, “This is my life and I will do what I want to do.”

2. Yogeshwar & Sushma Bhalla, 73 & 69

This couple’s journey began in 1976 on a bike trip to Srinagar for their honeymoon.

47 years later, they have travelled the world together and covered long distances on their Royal Enfield Bullet. Yogeshwar calls his wife his navigator and motivator.

He retired early at 58, to travel. They’ve visited over 22 countries, including Belgium, Bhutan, Dubai, France, Qatar, Rome, Singapore, England, Scotland, Turkey and Venice.

3. Molly Joy, 62

Molly runs a grocery store in Kerala to save for her trips across the globe. She started travelling post marriage across South India with her husband Joy and dreamed of international destinations.

After her husband’s death in 2004, travelling took a backseat. She focused on her children, and after they grew up, she saved up for a Europe Trip. Since then, she has saved over Rs 10 lakh and travelled across 11 countries.

“Travel gives me an amazing sense of freedom, courage and exposure. After every trip, instead of feeling exhausted, I feel reborn,” Molly says joyfully.

4. Amarjeet Singh Chawla, 64

He was bitten by the travel bug in 1979 when he met a backpacking couple from Holland. He would, however, embark on an expedition only 40 years later.

In July 2018, he set out on his Toyota Fortuner SUV from Delhi and went on an epic road trip, covering nearly 40,000 km across 33 countries.

He has travelled across 87 countries by car and runs a Youtube and Instagram page called ‘The Turban Traveller’ where he documents his journeys. He says that ‘life starts after 60’.

5. Ravi Kishore Mallapragada & Sowdamini Mallapragada, 62 and 58.

Ravi climbed a hill as a 6-year-old boy and has been chasing that high ever since. After retirement, the couple took trekking classes and climbed Gilman’s Point in Kilimanjaro, the highest single free-standing mountain above sea level in the world.

Ravi credits his wife for this accomplishment. “Her willpower took me to the top,” says the proud husband.

They have visited more than 10 countries including Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan, UAE, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia, and participated in adventure sports.