As Indian superfoods take the spotlight for their high nutritional content, there is one such “pseudo-grain” worth mentioning.

Known as amaranth, chaulai, rajgira or ramdana, it is a healthy alternative to refined flours.

Once a staple of the Aztecs, the grain has a nutty as well as a pleasantly sweet taste and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Due to its high nutritional value, rajgira is also considered a superfood. Even NASA recommends it for consumption during space missions, and it has been included in the diets of astronauts.

Here are five benefits of adding it to your diet.

1. Aids weight loss Packed with protein and dietary fibre, amaranth makes one feel full for longer, thereby suppressing appetite and the number of calories consumed.

2. Gluten free and good for diabetics  The grain is a good source of fibre and helps manage blood sugar levels and promote satiety.

3. Boosts immunity  Amaranth is a rich source of Vitamin C and aids in boosting the immune system by promoting white blood cell production, faster healing of cells and producing collagen.

4. Lowers cholesterol The phytosterols and oils in amaranth are highly effective in lowering cholesterol levels including triglycerides and LDL.

5. Good for treating anaemia Rajgira is a rich source of minerals like iron and consuming it increases the production of red blood cells.