Laxmi Ammal and Kasthuri Sivaraman, a mother-daughter duo, grew up in conservative households where they were not encouraged to think independently.

Run by Grandmas Ages 89 & 71, This Beautiful TN Farmstay is a Must-Visit

Even after marriage, they found it daunting to make decisions and take actions on their own.

So when Kasthuri’s son suggested they run the family’s farm stay in 2021, the duo was scared and underconfident.

Regardless, they decided to go ahead.

On their 185-year-old organic farm in Tamil Nadu’s Rettanai village, they built Pico Farmstay.

“I used to always wonder who would come to our farm stay, hosted by two old women who knew to converse only in Tamil,” says Kasthuri.

But Pico has so far hosted over 200 guests.

The land is divided into different sections. One section consists of trees like mahogany, timber, sandalwood and mango. Another section has paddy cultivation.

Vegetables like tomatoes, brinjals, cauliflower, beans, cabbage, etc are grown organically. The farm stay also has five ponds to capture and harvest rainwater. The saved water is used for breeding fish.

“We wanted to add the touch of our local experiences, especially the cuisine,” says Kasthuri.

The vegetables and fruits grown on the farm are used to prepare different delicacies. This ranges from ‘Sembarati’ or hibiscus juice to ‘sangapu’ juice (Asian Pigeonwings) which is prepared with lemon and honey.

“Living on a farm is an experience everyone should have. It respects your privacy while giving you a chance to live in nature,” says Laxmi.

The duo says starting the farmhouse has been their best decision.