Residents of the 152 houses of SJR Redwoods society used the lockdown to create a food forest on their 2-acre land.

Instead of spending money on new seeds, they used seeds from fruits consumed at home to grow saplings of jackfruit & mango.

Gradually, other fruits like papaya, banana, guava & custard apple were also grown. Other native tree varieties planted by the residents include neem, jamun, cherry tree, palms, bamboo, sugarcane, etc.

“Herbs like turmeric & other immunity building plants became accessible to people during the COVID-19 lockdown. Many acknowledged the importance of nature & its health benefits which co-existing with it entails,” says Sameer, a resident.

Due to the blooming & colourful flowers & veggies, the overall biodiversity of the area is enriched, attracting birds such as bulbul, eagle, sparrows, parrots, kingfishers, etc.

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