The temperatures in many states in India are soaring even higher than 40 degrees! Everyone can benefit from hydrating and refreshing drinks during this time.

But Indians have no dearth of options — from a sweet and spicy kokum drink to locally brewed rice beer, here are some traditional drinks to try out.

Babri Beol: A recipe from Jammu and Kashmir, it is made of basil or sabja seeds, milk, water and coconut. It is believed that Babur was the first person to introduce these seeds to Kashmiris.

Sol Kadi: Originating from the Konkan coast, it is made of coconut milk, kokum, chillies and spices like cumin and mustard seeds, and makes for an excellent cooler.

Gondhoraj Ghol: Made of curd, black salt, sugar, and iced water, this Bengali drink gets its unique flavour from the Gondhoraj juice extracted out of an oblong-shaped dark green coloured lemon.

Chauk: Originating from Tripura, this rice beer is locally brewed by fermenting rice in water. This cooler is also consumed at special occasions like weddings.

Tikhur Sharbat: This sweet and cooling sharbat from Chattishgarh is prepared using palo or tikhur, a processed rhizome of an indigenous herb called Curcuma Angustifolia.

Nongu Sharbat: Known by different names in Maharashtra, Bengal and Tamil Nadu, nongu sharbat is made with sugar, water and lime, and sometimes combined with mango, ice apple, or rose.