In India, pickles constitute a complex medley of flavours that are sprinkled with memories. Here are five unique pickles from across India that can enliven the most boring meals in a jiffy!

1. Lingri ka Achaar The fiddlehead fern pickle, known as lingri ka achaar, is Himachal’s pride.

Women from the region use spices to flavour the tender and curled young shoots of lingri to make green slightly saccharine pickle.

2. Axone or Akhuni pickle Pronounced as ‘akhuni’, it’s made of boiled and fermented soybeans and is popular in Nagaland.

Known for its strong smell and umami flavour, the paste-like pickle with an unique pungency is used to flavour meat dishes as well as vegetables.

3. Kamal Kakdi ka Achaar Although served as a gourmet dish in many high-end restaurants today, kamal kakdi (lotus stem) has for a long time been a local delicacy in many parts of India.

The spicy pickle is made with thin slices of matured lotus stem, marinated and preserved in a mixture of chilli powder, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, nigella seeds, red chillies, turmeric, peppercorns, oil and salt. It is a delicacy in Kashmir.

4. Chemmeen Achaar This pickle from ‘god’s own country’ is one of the juiciest and most delicious non-vegetarian pickles.

Made with fresh prawns and spices drenching in gingelly or coconut oil, this achaar is best served with hot steaming rice alongside some fish fry and curd.

5. Topa Kuler Achaar This sweet and tangy tantalising pickle from Bengal is made with boroi or jujube berries, jaggery and paanch phoron (Bengali five spices).