If you scroll through 29-year-old Satyam Jha’s Instagram feed, you will find videos explaining the benefits of organic farming and photos of beautiful farms from across the country.

When he completed his MTech in Agricultural Engineering from the India Council of Agricultural Research, instead of taking up a job, he decided to become a ‘green Instagrammer’.

“If we educate young people now, they will grow up to teach an entire upcoming generation to grow healthy food. So, I made this my life’s mission,” says Satyam.

What started as an experiment at home, is today an Instagram page (@iamsatyamjha) with over 2.7 lakh followers.

Living by the motto of growing and eating healthy food, Satyam’s inspiration comes from his grandfather who was a farmer.

“As a young kid, I would be intrigued by how plants grow, how seeds sprout, etc. Even at a young age, I knew I would have a career in the agricultural field,” he says.

Currently, Delhi-based Satyam wants to make the knowledge of organic farming easily and readily available to people of all ages.

Through his videos on Instagram, Satyam helps his followers to grow plants using homemade compost in waste containers like tetra packs, old plastic boxes, glass containers etc.

Additionally, he also takes classes — both online and offline. He has taught over 500 people how to do organic farming.

He also owns a farm consultancy company called Sprouted Jungle and earns nearly Rs 7 lakh every year through it.