On 15 August 2020, Smriti Bhadoria, Kartik Vasan and their dog Everest began their journey from Toronto in their 'Brown Van'.

So far they have covered seven countries across 27,000 km. The adventurous trio is on their way to enter their third continent soon.

The van has a seating area-cum-bed, a couch, a kitchen and spaces for storage of spices, utensils. There’s also a toilet for emergency use, a small fridge, temperature control, an electrical system and an extra fan.

Best moments on the journey so far......

“People have so many fears about travelling to countries like Mexico and Central America, but we were shown so much kindness by locals,” Sim says.

“We went on family cottage trips, celebrated Mexican Independence Day with their extended family. When Kartik got COVID, the family helped us with supplies,” she adds.

Kartik says, “So far, we must have fed Indian food to around 50 plus travellers we met on this journey. During Diwali, we invited over 20 people to dinner to share our culture."