To boost the ease of living in the cities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate India's first Water Metro in Kerala's Kochi today April 25.

“A significant enhancement to Kochi's infrastructure! The Kochi Water Metro would be dedicated to the nation. It will ensure seamless connectivity for Kochi,” he says.

The Chief Minister deemed this “Kerala’s dream project” and says it is the country’s first-ever metro system of its kind.

With a capacity of over one lakh passengers, the unique system has the same experience and ease of travel as the conventional metro system.

Water Metro will provide connectivity and a safe and affordable travel experience for people in and around Kochi.

It will connect 10 islands surrounding and within the port city, resulting in shorter travel times and more cost-effective transportation.

Passengers can purchase tickets for the ferry service at a minimum price of Rs 20 and a maximum of Rs 40 for a trip.

Regular commuters will also be able to get travel passes — weekly for Rs 180, monthly for Rs 600, and quarterly for Rs 1,500.

With 78 electric boats and 38 terminals, the project cost Rs 1,137 crore, which is being financed by the state government and a German funding agency ‘KWF’.

Kochi Water Metro will start operations with eight electric hybrid boats. It is also expected to boost tourism.