Better known as ‘Dr Cuterus’, Dr Tanaya Narendra calls herself the ‘Millenial Doctor’. She demystifies the working of the human body, especially the private parts that most are hesitant to even mention, in fun ways. She addresses topics like sex, periods, UTIs, personal hygiene and more.

Rachana’s name is familiar to those who follow the latest trends in finance and the stock market. She is a teacher, entrepreneur, chartered accountant, and YouTuber with over four million subscribers. Her aim is to improve financial literacy in India by simplifying the concepts.

Born into a family of musicians, Zakir Khan started off his career as a comedian by doing open mics. He is now one of India's top stand-up comedians with over seven  million subscribers on YouTube.

Kabita Singh is a food blogger and YouTuber from Pune who shares simple and authentic recipes, mostly Indian, made using commonly available ingredients. Her channel ‘Kabita’s Kitchen’ has over 12 million subscribers.

Popularly known as ‘dancing dadi’, Ravi Bala Sharma is a 62-year-old social media star who proves that age is just a number. Her first dance video came up during the lockdown period and ever since then, she’s been a favourite of thousands, including celebrities.

Shraddha Jain, known as ‘aiyyoshraddha’ on social media, is popular for her humorous videos. She left her marketing job to become a full-time comedian and content creator. She creates short relatable videos in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Kannada and Tulu.

Pankti Pandey is originally an ISRO scientist but is popular by her social media handle ‘zerowasteadda’. She promotes sustainable living and helps her followers by sharing information about topics like making eco-friendly cleaners, composting waste, carrying reusable cutlery to avoid single-use plastic, and more.

A former consultant with banks, Sharan Hegde became a full-time content creator when the pandemic hit. He now shares financial knowledge with his two million followers on social media — covering topics such as personal finance, mutual funds, insurance, tax, crypto and money psychology.

Better known as ‘1500sqft_gardener’, Sumesh Nayak has created a mini jungle in the limited space of his urban home. He shares tips and tricks as well as detailed and informative videos on growing different varieties of plants and taking care of them.