Gurgaon-based Ashvini Jakhar faced a leg injury during his childhood, which later became the driving force for him to establish a flourishing business in the e-commerce industry.

But eventually, he feared his injury would inhibit him from performing to the best of his abilities.

“The Army’s definition of fitness is very different from everybody else’s. There are instances when doctors have to run down their ships’ aisles to evacuate people, or even carry the stretchers themselves.”

After his exit from the Navy, Ashvini founded Prozo, a cloud supply chain company and ‘e-commerce enabler’.

Prozo provides small mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), direct to consumer (D2C) brands and enterprises with warehousing, freight and integrated marketplace technology-based solutions.

“We’re not like your typical last-mile delivery company. At Prozo, we’re democratising access to warehouses in India,” he explains.

Ashvini explains that the warehouses have fast-delivery badges of ‘Amazon-Prime’ and ‘Flipkart-Assured’. “So even brands associated with them can store their inventory at our warehouses.”

“But for those who aren’t, we offer them our network of seller-platforms that fulfil both B2B and B2C orders.”

As many as 50 SMEs, D2Cs and enterprises avail of this facility at Prozo. The company earned an annual turnover of Rs 25 crore in 2021-22.

“I have always strived to create equal opportunity exposure and in this context, it means enabling brands to place their inventory as close to their consumers. They can then fulfil one to two-day deliveries.”