1. Neena Gupta

Neena, a professor at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata has solved 70-year-old Zariski Cancellation Problem. She is also the winner of 'Ramanujan Prize' for Young Mathematicians.

2. Radhika Menon 

Radhika is the first Indian Woman Captain of Merchant Navy. She saved lives of 7 fishermen in a rescue operation in 2015. She is currently serving as the captain of the Indian Merchant Navy.

3. Ushaben Vasava

Ushaben is a tribal activist who is known for her contribution in organic farming in Gujarat. Thanks to her, close to 500 women own a land and practice tech-based farming.

4. Padma Yangchan

Padma Yangchan has been making sincere efforts to preserve and revive the lost cuisine and hand-weaving techniques of Ladakh.

5. Tiffany Brar

Tiffany is the founder of Jyothirgamaya Foundation and a mobile blind school in rural Kerala. She is  empowering 200 visually impaired rural women by training them in Braille, computers and other skills.

6. Saylee Agavane

Living with Down syndrome. Saylee is a trained Kathak dancer who is promoting Indian classical dance in India and across the world.  

7. Nasira Akhter

Nasira is an environmentalist from Jammu and Kashmir. She has many grassroots innovations to her name including the herb that converts polythene to ashes.

7. Jaya Muthu & Tejamma

For the last 40 years, Jaya & Tejamma have been making shawls and garments with age-old intricate Toda Embroidery of Nilgiris. They have been awarded for promoting and preserving the Toda heritage. 

8. Jodhaiya Bai Baiga

Jodhaiya's paintings have travelled all the way to France and Italy. She is promoting the Tribal Baiga Art at global level and portraying tribal cultures on canvas. 

9. Nivruti Rai

Nivruti, the Country Head of Intel India, has developed semiconductor chips that consume less power, and a connectivity solution that provides cost-effective high-speed broadband connection in rural areas.

10. Madhulika Ramteke

Madhulika, a social worker from Chhattisgarh runs 'Maa Bamleshwari Bank’ which is entirely managed and controlled by women. It has more than 5,000 branches.