When the COVID pandemic hit, Varanasi resident Abhinav Yadav’s plans to pursue his Master’s degree in Europe were put on hold.

So instead, he found another avenue with Create Your Taste, an Instagram account that helps local artisans of his city sell their handmade products.

Abhinav recalls, “If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is that you can make grand plans for your life but it might all turn upside down.”

He also notes that the pandemic allowed his artistic side, which had taken a backseat amid his engineering studies, to shine through.

His journey as a content creator started with several DIY videos of gardening, home decor, and more, and amassed a little over 10,000 followers.

This page allowed him to collaborate with women artisans and interact with followers, which encouraged him to look at content creation as a legitimate career option.

Create Your Taste was launched officially in 2021, and it took him nine months to research, conceptualise and launch the platform. This is a marketplace for artisans to sell their products.

“We now have over 50 artisans associated with us. We started by selling bamboo-based products and eventually included terracotta, jute and recycled cloth-based products as well. In April 2021, we launched on Amazon and the first order that came through infused each one of us with enthusiasm to continue.”

The cost of the products ranges from Rs 299 and goes upwards to Rs 2,599.

Having started with a borrowed investment of Rs 5 lakh from his parents, Abhinav’s business e is making a revenue upwards of Rs 2 lakh per month.