Anjali Pavan was fascinated by a Kokedama, a Japanese gardening technique she saw at her mother’s friend’s house in Kerala.

This technique involves wrapping plant roots in mossy soil balls and hanging them up.

Intrigued, she made her own Kokedama after researching and watching YouTube tutorials. This experience led her onto an eco-friendly path that later became an inspiration for others.

After making Kokedama, Anjali became more interested in gardening, soon finding her passion in making planters.

She says the secret behind her blossoming garden is her patience and her amma’s (mother’s) guidance. She was the one who initially taught Anjali to make planters out of waste materials.

Together, they started using materials, such as bottles and drums, to make pots and planters for their little home garden. Today, their entire garden is full of upcycled planters.

Amma uses things like old paint cans, tyres, coconut shells, tyres, coconut husks, plastic bottles, old sewing machines and drums,” says Anjali.

Anjali’s amma also makes plant hangers for their garden using macrame art and pots using waste clothes.

By making pots and planters out of waste materials, this mother-daughter duo has not only promoted sustainability but is also giving other gardeners cost-saving avenues.

Their journey has inspired many, and their Instagram has over 76,000 people following their tips and tricks.