Mukta Singh got married soon after her post graduation to a fighter pilot, which meant frequent transfers.

Moving often and taking care of the kids led to Mukta’s ambitions taking a backseat.

She worked as a freelancer for newspapers and magazines for a few years and also dabbled in canvas painting.

Even so, she had a burning desire to do something of her own. She didn’t find time as she had to look after her family and ailing mother.

It was during this time that she didn't even find time to colour her greys. Seeing her like this, her daughter urged her to focus on her health and fitness.

It all changed for the 58-year-old at a wedding. She was offered a modelling gig by a designer who saw her there.

She grabbed the offer and today models for many industry professionals and has appeared in many fashion magazines.

Some people said negative things about her modelling at 58 or wearing makeup, but Mukta didn’t let that affect her.

She proves that age is just a number and one can achieve their dreams at any age.

“It’s good to dream big but sometimes reality can be more enchanting than fantasy,” she wrote on Instagram.

She is determined to continue and flaunts her greys proudly.