A Mud-Block House That is Cheaper, Cooler & Stronger Than Cement

What is stronger, cooler and cheaper by 20% than cement?

The ancient architectural practice of interlocking mud brick methods to construct eco-friendly houses.

Karnataka-based firm Suraksha Mudblock, run by friends Sathwik S and Pradeep Khanderi, is using this method and preventing cement pollution, one brick at a time.

Since 2016, the company has constructed 1,100 houses using these bricks.

The process...

1: Mud is cleaned and sieved to attain the desired quality of fineness. 2: Soil and cement are blended in a batch mixer along with a minimal quantity of plasticiser. 3: The mud is then stabilised and poured into the mould and compressed.

The unique design, peculiar shape, and structure of the brick enables them to interlock, thereby adding strength to the wall.

Benefits of interlocking

1. Saves lakhs of litres of water 2. Avoids use of sand and mortar 3. The bricks are reliable, durable, allow customisations 4. They are low on maintenance

And the best part....

They ensure the house is cooler by at least 10 degrees.