White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Thriller? Romance? Drama? Here's all you can watch this weekend.  Happy binging!

1. Interceptor Will Captain JJ Collins, a military official, be able to stop her nuclear missile interceptor base from being attacked? She only has a span of minutes before everything can turn into nothing. Stream on: Netflix

2. My Next Guest Needs No  Introduction David Letterman brings you the interviews of various global personalities. Get a peek into their stories on-air as well as off. And you can even check out his interview with Will Smith. Stream on: Netflix

3. Call Me By Your Name The summer of 1983 changes Elio and Oliver’s lives forever. Against the background of medieval Italy, the duo goes on to form bonds that will last for all time. A sweet summer romance awaits you. Stream on: Amazon Prime Video

4. The Boys Season 3 Join the band of 'Boys' as they continue on their mission to take down the idolised superheroes of the metaverse. Will they stay true to their motive or be pulled to the other side? Find out. Stream on: Amazon Prime Video

5. 9 Hours Season 1 Three prisoners. Three branches of the same bank being robbed. One gripping story. Watch as a simple robbery plan turns into a forced hostage situation. Stream on: Disney + Hotstar

6. Ms. Marvel  What if you were given superpowers one day? Teenager Kamala Khan has always been a fan of Captain Marvel and is ecstatic when she receives similar powers all of a sudden. The series is also the very first time a Muslim superhero character has been shown. Stream on: Disney + Hotstar

7. Ardh  It is tough to make a niche for yourself in the city of dreams — Mumbai. We see this through the eyes of Shiva, essayed by Rajpal Yadav. As a struggling actor, he goes to lengths to fulfill his dreams, even donning the role of a trans person at times. Steam on: Zee5

8. My American Uncle  Three stories show the intricacies of human behaviour and dynamics. How will Rene, Janine and Jean deal with the pressure of evolving relationships and difficult life choices? Stream on: MUBI

9. Physical Season 2 While the previous seasons showed Sheila finding solace in aerobics, this new series tells the story of the exciting life that awaits her as she juggles her newfound love for the activity, with her busy life. Stream on: Apple TV +

10. In The Dark Season 4 Murphy is blind and her life is pretty chaotic, but she always has Jess and Tyson to count on. Her world crashes when Tyson is murdered. Murphy is now on a mission to find out who did it. Stream on: Voot