When Aishwarya Shankar Iyer and her sister were facing acne and tanning problems, they tried all possible creams and lotions from the market. Nothing helped.

In a bid to help them, their mother made a bath powder with more than 30 herbal ingredients.

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“Not only did the powder work wonders on my acne-prone skin, but it also helped my sister, whose skin was prone to tanning,” says Aishwarya.

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After seeing the marvellous results, the girls decided to share the powder with a few friends and classmates. The response was wonderful.

Thus, the brand Aavaram was born.

Aishwarya says, “The idea was never to start a brand. But the positive response pushed us to consider doing this on a larger scale.”

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Today, they are shipping out over 200 orders a month, and earning a revenue of almost Rs 80,000 each month.

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The product range has expanded to include a powder for the hair and body, and an oil as well.

This is a completely homegrown brand.

Aishwarya, her sister, and their mother carry out all operations themselves — from sourcing ingredients to mixing them and packaging the products.

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“The leaves of tulsi, neem, and mint are all grown at home, and then sun-dried to be used in the powder,” says Aishwarya.

What is amazing is that these skincare products are unisex and suit different skin types.

The bath powder can be used for both face and body and the hair cleanser works well for all types of hair.