June Mendez and her husband decided to homeschool their three children — a decision that changed their lives.

She took this decision when she started noticing how her eldest daughter and son were caught up in the desire to excel but without learning anything substantial along the way.

She often found her youngest daughter, a Class 2 student, staying up until late trying to finish her homework and then having to wake up as early as 5 am to complete it.

“I was watching my three children metamorphose into clones. The joy in learning started to dwindle and they were merely performing tasks to tick the boxes,” she says.

To break free from this rut, June, who herself was an English teacher, found homeschooling as an ideal solution.

“My reasons for homeschooling them were not because they were not doing well in school or having any trouble coping. I was looking at giving them access to wholesome education and experiences,” she says.

While June’s husband helped the children explore their creativity, they learnt from their mother to understand their strengths and weaknesses and adapt their learning styles to what suited them.

“Children will bloom if given the space to,” says June. These are the tips she suggests to parents considering homeschool:

Believe in the step you’ve taken: It won’t be all smooth sailing but it does work out in the end.

Allow your children to explore as many avenues as possible: They will eventually figure out the path ahead. If not, you as parents will realise their strengths which will allow you to give them a better direction.

Don’t stress about exams or curriculum: Allow learning to be fun. Teach your children to be independent learners, and success will follow.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries: Children do need a firm hand sometimes. However, don’t overdo it. If you are going to set boundaries, stay firm and lead by example. It’s also okay to reward them occasionally but teach your kids to earn these rewards.

Let go of preconceived notions: Every child is unique so what works for one family may not work the same with another. Your journey is your own.