Presenting some remarkable individuals and their extraordinary contributions to safeguarding the environment.

Pradeep Kumar Rath After retiring as the deputy chief labour commissioner in the East India division, Pradeep Kumar Rath did not rest easy. He decided to serve the environment instead

He started an NGO called ‘Paribesh Suraksha Abhijan’, planted over 60,000 trees, and incubated over 40,000 women from rural Odisha.

Sarpanch Shyam Sundar Paliwal After losing his daughter, sarpanch Shyam Sundar Paliwal was struck with grief. As a tribute to her, the villagers planted a tree and reminded him of his duties as the head of the village.

This heartwarming gesture gave him the idea of planting 111 trees whenever a girl child is born in their village. What was once a water-deficient land, has now turned into a green oasis with different varieties of trees.

Pradip Shah A unique gift — a garden with 100 trees, planted in his name as a token of appreciation by a client, inspired Pradip Shah to start a unique initiative.

He founded Grow-Trees, which allows individuals and corporates to plant trees at the convenience of a few clicks and get dedicated eTreeCertificates®. So far, they have planted over 50 lakh trees.

Mantu Hait Growing up, Mantu’s favourite pastime was to climb trees and sleep in their shade. A lawyer by profession, he was saddened by the decline of trees in his hometown Kolkata.

In 2010, he decided to start Guerrilla Gardening with the help of some farmers and planted over 2,500 trees in various localities in Kolkata, such as Alipore.

Kollakkayil Devaki Amma Devika Amma’s environmental journey started in 1980 when she met with an accident. She was forced to stay at home with minimal use of her legs.

What started with planting saplings in her backyard with the help of her children and grandchildren is now a lush green forest spread over five acres of land on her family property in the Onattukara region of Alappuzha district, Kerala.