An online self-learning course in Indian Sign Language and a dictionary containing 10,000 ISL terms were launched on the occasion of the International Day of Sign Languages on 23 September, 2023.

The course has 10 modules covering 30 essential topics to ensure that learners acquire the basic knowledge of ISL communication.

“The primary objective of the online course is to facilitate the acquisition of basic communication skills in Indian Sign Language among a wide range of individuals, including parents of deaf children, siblings, educators, and anyone interested in gaining fundamental knowledge of ISL,” noted the Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry to The Print.

Additionally, the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre (ISLRTC) along with Societe Generale and V-Shesh launched 260 signs for financial terms in Indian Sign Language.

This was done to bridge the gap between people with hearing impairment and those without working in the financial and banking sector.

As per The New Indian Express report, “The development of these signs is expected to enhance employment opportunities for deaf job seekers in these sectors.”

To provide an extensive resource for those learning ISL, the ISLRTC also announced the launch of a comprehensive ISL dictionary containing 10,000 terms, informs the report.

“To enhance communication accessibility and promote inclusivity, a video relay service for the deaf community was introduced, allowing individuals to use WhatsApp video calls to communicate with remote sign language interpreters,” the report stated.