Kerala’s Philip Chacko always pictured himself as a commercial farmer. So, while working in the corporate field for two years, he was preparing himself for farming.

To make himself ready for the field, he quit his well-paying job and worked for a plantation in Kottayam for three years.

Here, the MBA graduate learned more about farming. In 2019, he leased around 30 acres of land in Alappuzha to start vegetable farming. He spread his venture to Ooty as well.

“From the very beginning, my idea was large-scale farming, otherwise known as a vegetable estate. I wanted to create a brand and sell the produce under it,” he says.

That’s how ‘Pure Harvest’ came into being.

Within five months of starting the agribusiness, Philip received a harvest of 56 tonnes. Today, the number has increased to 390 tonnes. This earned him Rs 36 lakh profits.

From okra, long beans, pumpkin, spinach, and cucumber, to green gram, sesame, shallot, papaya, muskmelon, and watermelon are also seen on his organic farm.

Philip says, “Everyone has a concept that agriculture is meant for the uneducated. This should change and more youngsters should get into farming. If done correctly, it is one of the most profitable businesses.”