1. String Bio Founded by researcher and entrepreneur Dr Ezhil Subbian, the startup converts methane, a greenhouse gas (GHG), into CleanRise™ — a microbial-based biostimulant.

CleanRise improves the efficient use of fertilisers and fetches farmers a profit of Rs 20,000 – Rs 30,000 per hectare in paddy. The startup is helping over 1,000 farmers.

2. AgriVijay Founded by Pune-based Vimal Panjwani, the startup’s range of solar devices — such as solar inverters, solar cold storage, and solar dryers — is tailored to farm needs and infrastructure set-up.

The startup has onboarded more than 300 farmers from across the country including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.

3. Sri Vasavi Durga Organic Products Guntur-resident Konda Usharani turned to turmeric cultivation after being widowed. But she soon realised how chemical farming adversely impacted soil.

Today, her venture sells organically grown products while being associated with 500 farmers in Andhra Pradesh whom she trains in organic farming.

4. Green World Foundation Started by duo Indra Raj Jat and Seema Saini from Jaipur, Rajasthan, the foundation focuses on sustainable farming, animal husbandry, goat rearing, and agrotourism.

They have been training thousands of farmers in Rajasthan in organic and integrated farming and encouraging them to take up agro-tourism too.

5. Rapid Organic Couple Yogesh and Aruna Joshi’s brand is one with an international presence and is associated with 3,000 certified organic farmers.

Through the contract farming model, they ensure a 100 percent buyback policy for farmers at premium rates which is 25 percent more than the market rates.

6. Graamya Bhavesh Sawariya and Annu Sunny’s venture helps farmers in Idukki, Kerala, make the shift to organic means of farming while enabling them to sell their spices globally.

The platform procures spices directly from 40 farmers while empowering over 100 farmers through guidance with processing methods, connecting them with the right markets, etc.

7. Him2Hum Using organic farming Reeva Sood grows ashwagandha, sarpagandha, black wheat, stevia, lemongrass and more on her unique farm in Una, Himachal Pradesh.

Over 230 women farmers are being trained to cultivate, grow, produce, process, harvest, and trade agricultural produce and medicinal herbs here.

8. Nurture Fields Keerthi Priya and her mother, Odapalli Vijaya Laxmi wanted to curb the problem of food wastage in villages in Telangana and came up with the idea of fruit processing.

Their venture employs 15 farmers from Telangana empowering them to make the shift to organic farming. It also guides them with soil preparation and processing of veggies into powders.