Winters in India are synonymous with the sinful woody aroma of jhola nolen gur (liquid date jaggery), the sweet notes of gajar ka halwa, and the warm hug of thukpas (a Tibetan noodle soup).

Almost every state in India has a unique culinary tradition associated with the cold season.

For instance, skyu (a traditional soup-like Ladakhi delicacy prepared with vegetables and wheat dough) is a staple consumed to beat the freezing climes of the North while gushtaba (minced mutton balls that are slow-cooked in royal spices) is the defence in Kasmir.

The aroma wafting from Gujarati homes is filled with notes of undhiyu (a traditional curry that is made of mixed vegetables, spices and ghee) while Lucknow’s nihari (a slow-cooked meat stew) is unmissable.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, you’ll love the daulat ki chaat (a light sweet prepared by churning milk, cream, khoya or mawa until it turns into soft foamy peaks) in Delhi.

This winter, grab your bowl of warmth!