Kochi-resident Sudheesh K T has always been fond of travelling and his dream of road-tripping to Ladakh on his 100 cc bike came true in 2022.

He travelled over 12,000 km from Kerala to Kashmir while creating unforgettable memories with his furry friend — Snowbell, his three-year-old pet dog whom he rescued from the street.

“There have been several incidents of people mistreating dogs and abandoning them. Therefore this journey was also an effort to send out a message to society that these poor creatures are no lesser than human beings and must be treated equally,” he shares.

Sudheesh started his journey with Snowbell from Kochi on 8 May 2022 and covered 15 states before returning home on 15 July 2022.

While planning for the trip, he knew he would need a good sum of money. So, he started working as a food delivery agent for Zomato post his regular work, from evening till midnight.

He says, “The Ladakh trip was also under a strict low budget. We just spent around Rs 50,000 for the entire trip including food and fuel.”

The duo carried their camping essentials including a camping stove, tent, sleeping bags, etc on the bike.

While Sudheesh says he is glad he took Snowbell along, he wasn’t sure about how to set up a special seat for him which was both safe and comfortable.

He went on the internet and found some videos explaining a special canine carrier for dogs. He replicated the model and tried it by taking Snowbell on his bike to smaller distances first.

“Right from the time I got him, I have been training him in everything. He is very clever and has always been obedient. I was impressed by the fact that he was equally excited as me,” he says.

The duo travelled to various places — they trekked the Kalsubai peak, one of the tallest peaks in Maharashtra, spent a few days in Nubra Valley, visited the famous Pangong Lake etc.

“Travelling with Snowbell was one of the best decisions I took,” he says.