One such innovation is Green Shades by Singular Green, which wants to bring vegetable canopies to urban areas Image: Singular Green.

In forests, the canopy is the top layer where various plants and animals live. It plays a vital role in stabilising the global climate. Image: Singular Green.

Green Shades is trying to recreate this ecological phenomenon by installing vegetable awnings — open sails stretched across buildings on the city streets. Image: Singular Green.

It includes a creative irrigation system known as the water recirculation circuit, which uses water efficiently and reduces waste. The canopy is positioned at a slope to catch extra water through the drain.Image: Singular Green.

It enables planting greenery in urban areas with limited space, while revitalising deteriorated or challenging areas. Image: Singular Green.

The canopy improves air quality by absorbing gases like nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide from the environment. Image: Singular Green.

This canopy was installed in Valladolid, Spain, by Singular Green as part of the Urban GreenUp Project in 2020. Image: Singular Green

As India also grapples with rising temperatures, would it be a good idea to adopt this unique approach for our cities?