We know mango is the ultimate go-to fruit during the summer, but there’s another we think you should try — the ice apple!

Known by different names like taal, tadgola, and nungu, the fruit is the ultimate thirst quencher.

Ice apples look like a close cousin of litchis due to their translucent appearance and wobbly texture.

Despite being a low-calorie fruit, it is loaded with calcium, phytonutrients and several vitamins.

The sodium and potassium contents in the fruit help regulate fluids in the body and keep the body from getting dehydrated.

Ice apples can be consumed directly, or turned into delicious dishes and drinks.

For instance, in Tamil Nadu, it is made into a delicious sweet dish, while in Bengal it is turned into fritters.

In many parts of South India, it is used as a natural cooler, and chunks of the fruit are added to coconut water.

Even its fan-shaped leaves are used to make mats, baskets, etc.

The sap from its floral branches, known as neera, is a nourishing drink. Additionally, if fermented, the sap makes a liquor known as toddy.

You can easily spot ice apples on roadsides in almost every city in India. Have you tried this natural cooler yet?